The Washington Association of Technical Accident Investigators is comprised of nearly 200 members. Current membership includes present and former law enforcement personnel, professional engineers, private investigators, forensic scientists, doctors, lawyers, medical specialists and others closely aligned to one of the aforementioned professions within the “collision reconstruction” community. If you are already a part of this community or have an interest in pursuing a career within it and have not joined WATAI, please consider doing so.

WATAI Officers And Board Of Directors

  • Ron Sanders, President
  • Aaron Parker, Vice President
  • Jeff Rhue, Secretary
  • Roger Smedsrud, Sgt./Arms
  • Chris Nygren, Treasurer
  • Kuljinder Sidhu, Board Member 1
  • Kevin Denney, Board Member 2
  • Braydon Bourne, Board Member 3
  • Jim Payne, Board Member 4
  • Marc Boardman, Board Member 5

Each member of the WATAI Board of Directors is committed to facilitating quality training and testing opportunities related to the field of collision reconstruction and providing a positive environment for interactions amongst the association’s diverse membership. We anticipate the continued numerical growth of our association and expansion of our training topics and test scenario database into the new millennium.

Membership by-laws

WATAI Membership Fees

There is a one-time $20 non-refundable application fee for new applicants. The yearly membership cost is $60 – join today.