WATAI Membership

To become a member of WATAI you must fill out an application, and pay the first year's membership dues plus a $20 "filing fee." Corporate membership: For a reduced fee (per person) WATAI also offers a corporate rate. If your department or organization wants to register multiple people, their membership fees can be covered in one payment, and if there is turnover, its very easy to rotate membership to the new member.

Fillable membership PDF


Use the Square account link to make a payment to WATAI for membership renewals (Dues), payments for WATAI sponsored classes, and for new membership dues.

  1. Click the Square logo below
  2. In the "purpose box" put the reason for the payment:
    • For individual membership renewals (Dues) – please provide the name of the member and that it is for a membership renewal
    • For a corporate membership renewal (Dues)- please give the agency name and that it is for the membership renewal
    • If this payment is for a WATAI sponsored class – please provide the name (or names) of the attendees, and the name of the class.
    • For new membership – please provided the name of the new member, and that this is for a new membership application (for corporate, provide your agency name)
  3. Input your credit card info

Contact us for more information about joining WATAI